Windows 8 was released for production on the 26th October and is the latest version of Windows following Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98 and 95.  Windows 8 is a radical departure from previous versions of Windows in that it has been designed, and optimised, for netbooks, notebooks and tablets and the user interface (desktop) is totally different; the most obvious difference is that the START BUTTON and START MENU are missing!  For many users a standard Windows 8 computer, from a mainstream supplier could be a frustrating experience and although some will be willing to learn the new interface, many will not.

Help is at hand however as here at PCs & Settle Computer Shop we have developed a range of Windows 8 computers, in partnership with a software development company, that have all the usual Windows 7 type features such as a standard desktop and a normal start button and start menu.  Our Windows 78 computers are largely indistinguishable from Windows 7 computers yet have all the speed and reliability benefits of the Windows 8 operating system.

Not content with making Windows 8 computers more user friendly we also install a wide range of free useful software such as Office, Picture Editing, Desk-Top-Publishing, Disc Burning and Email applications. Mainstream branded computers tend to be supplied full of AdWare and TrialWare software that stops working unless additional licences are purchased.

If you would like more information about Windows 8, would like to try a Windows 8 computer in our showroom or would like to order a Windows 8 computer please contact us using one of the following contact methods.

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